The new “boyfriend” air of Victoria’s Secret

“Love” is the name of the new perfume of Victoria’s Secret, which as a basic component includes, among other things, the smoky male musk fragrance following a men’s shirt. With a trace of juniper, apricot and lavender, the fragrance creates an exciting balancing act between masculine sharpness and sweet-romantic freshness. Mark Knitowski, a fragrance expert of Victoria’s Secret, makes it clear that the methodical mixture of watery and aromatic notes balances the male notes of the fragrance and thus offers a distinctive freshness. In addition to the sensual and refined component, which results from the unusual admixture of the men’s fragrance, the basic flavor thus convinces with a typical sweet fragrance for the Angel brand.
The new bouquet of Victoria’s Secret also makes a statement with its design. The slim glass bottle is elegant and discreet in the colors, gold, black and rose, and with the color concept the basic language of the brand. In addition, “Love” convinces with a unique campaign, in which the Victoria’s Secret angels talk about their love life and romantic gestures. For example, Lily Aldridge reports on her first encounter with her husband and Kings-of-Leon-frontman Caleb Followill. And Candice Swanepoel proudly talks about her love, which has now been held for over eleven years.

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