How to choose the dress according to their body and face

Great slim to wear any style is good. Little body person should avoid skirts, choose a simple style appropriate lines, any A-LINEA or high waist red sexy and gergeous evening dress design, you can lengthen the line of the leg.
Body relatively Plump people must have a low cut or style is stopped, in addition to showing the benefits of a fullness of the breast, but also to lengthen the neckline. Also, try a dress or longer-sleeve long shawl will be slightly thick arms to conceal.

As for the relatively thin body, a small upper body has package styles, select lower skirt body style, because skinny little skeleton arms, the best choice for long-sleeved design or puff, if you do not like this kind of dress is recommended to wear gloves as decoration, make people look not too thin.
In addition to the body, the face is a dress reference elements of the evening, round face and neck people small shoulder drop, low cut or v style is best to square face people can try V No thanks or style of fishing design corners passes should be avoided; Inverted triangle face and peach heart has the design does not fit, you can select ship or large round neck style; As cute and face a lot more luck, no particular limitations. If you do these tips i am sure you would get amazing dresses to fit your body and face. In the same way, if you was invited to a prom, it is very easy to get everybody’s satisfied prom dresses by with reference to the above methods. Website of Chicregina provided these related information, including images and products. You will not be afraid to attend a party.


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