Shoes 2018. No toe slippers but bad slippers. And further mules, pumps with kitten heels

Gladiator sandals, Havaianas, Birkenstocks, Stan Smiths … You name it, we’ve walked all over, or are still on it. But summer has more to offer than slippers or sandals that are worn by holidaymakers and homewards. It’s cool to go for something special.

Badslippers under your beautiful dress
Badslippers form an exception. Especially the fashion crowd who loves a bit of provocation, this summer would like to wear a pair of bath slippers under a beautiful dress or pants. What do you have to propose? Of those classics with a black or dark blue plastic base and a wide striped band (blue or black with white) over the feet. Adidas and Nike have them in the collection, but also fashion houses like Gucci and Armani.

Mules with or without fur
A top summer this summer are still the flat mules like we know of Gucci. In the meantime, each fashion house has its own version. You even find them at the big retail chains. They can literally be everywhere.
Dark or nude nail polish
Whatever shoes you wear, your feet must be perfect in this season of the year. If the sun does show for a while, you should be able to shoot in your bath slips or tall sandals, or sneak out your sneakers on that terrace. Careful feet are sexy and this is the time to show them.