Lips to kiss

Ask a man where he looks first at a woman and you have a high chance that he will answer the mouth. Because let’s be honest: a beautiful mouth is sexy! So make sure you shine and seduce this gift of nature. But how do you do that?
First, take care of your lips. Like your skin, your lips regularly need a scrub. You can do that by rubbing a rough towel or a soft brush against your lips. Then spray your lips with a lip cream.

Always use a lip cream or balm. Cold, sun and wind are funest for your lips. Make sure you always have a caring product in your bag and protect your lips before going out (and not just when you’re on the bike).

Pay attention to the quality of the balsam or cream you are using. A good balsam or cream does not absorb moisture on your lips (balsam and cream based on wax have a hand of it). Use a product with a caring effect. If you do not know which product is suitable for your lips, ask your beauty specialist or the perfume company.

Never pull on sheets. This only makes you worse.

Never expose your lips to the sun unprotected. Your lips can also burn. There are then ugly blisters that can leave scars.

As you grow older, lip contours become less sharp. Little wrinkles arise and the pigment appears to be running out. There are specific products that counteract the aging of the skin around your lips. Start there early. You can also use a moisturizing day and night cream. Massage the cream into the skin around your lips.

Use a moisturizer and care lipstick with UV filter. Firstly, draw a line around your lips with a lipstick in substantially the same color as your lips themselves. Carefully apply the lipstick with a brush. A nice result will only be achieved if you take the time.

Choose the color lipstick that suits you. Always remember that dark colors make your lips look smaller. Do you have narrow lips keep the color than light?