How to choose the dress according to their body and face

Great slim to wear any style is good. Little body person should avoid skirts, choose a simple style appropriate lines, any A-LINEA or high waist red sexy and gergeous evening dress design, you can lengthen the line of the leg.
Body relatively Plump people must have a low cut or style is stopped, in addition to showing the benefits of a fullness of the breast, but also to lengthen the neckline. Also, try a dress or longer-sleeve long shawl will be slightly thick arms to conceal.

As for the relatively thin body, a small upper body has package styles, select lower skirt body style, because skinny little skeleton arms, the best choice for long-sleeved design or puff, if you do not like this kind of dress is recommended to wear gloves as decoration, make people look not too thin.
In addition to the body, the face is a dress reference elements of the evening, round face and neck people small shoulder drop, low cut or v style is best to square face people can try V No thanks or style of fishing design corners passes should be avoided; Inverted triangle face and peach heart has the design does not fit, you can select ship or large round neck style; As cute and face a lot more luck, no particular limitations. If you do these tips i am sure you would get amazing dresses to fit your body and face. In the same way, if you was invited to a prom, it is very easy to get everybody’s satisfied prom dresses by with reference to the above methods. Website of Chicregina provided these related information, including images and products. You will not be afraid to attend a party.


Shoes 2018. No toe slippers but bad slippers. And further mules, pumps with kitten heels

Gladiator sandals, Havaianas, Birkenstocks, Stan Smiths … You name it, we’ve walked all over, or are still on it. But summer has more to offer than slippers or sandals that are worn by holidaymakers and homewards. It’s cool to go for something special.

Badslippers under your beautiful dress
Badslippers form an exception. Especially the fashion crowd who loves a bit of provocation, this summer would like to wear a pair of bath slippers under a beautiful dress or pants. What do you have to propose? Of those classics with a black or dark blue plastic base and a wide striped band (blue or black with white) over the feet. Adidas and Nike have them in the collection, but also fashion houses like Gucci and Armani.

Mules with or without fur
A top summer this summer are still the flat mules like we know of Gucci. In the meantime, each fashion house has its own version. You even find them at the big retail chains. They can literally be everywhere.
Dark or nude nail polish
Whatever shoes you wear, your feet must be perfect in this season of the year. If the sun does show for a while, you should be able to shoot in your bath slips or tall sandals, or sneak out your sneakers on that terrace. Careful feet are sexy and this is the time to show them.

The new “boyfriend” air of Victoria’s Secret

“Love” is the name of the new perfume of Victoria’s Secret, which as a basic component includes, among other things, the smoky male musk fragrance following a men’s shirt. With a trace of juniper, apricot and lavender, the fragrance creates an exciting balancing act between masculine sharpness and sweet-romantic freshness. Mark Knitowski, a fragrance expert of Victoria’s Secret, makes it clear that the methodical mixture of watery and aromatic notes balances the male notes of the fragrance and thus offers a distinctive freshness. In addition to the sensual and refined component, which results from the unusual admixture of the men’s fragrance, the basic flavor thus convinces with a typical sweet fragrance for the Angel brand.
The new bouquet of Victoria’s Secret also makes a statement with its design. The slim glass bottle is elegant and discreet in the colors, gold, black and rose, and with the color concept the basic language of the brand. In addition, “Love” convinces with a unique campaign, in which the Victoria’s Secret angels talk about their love life and romantic gestures. For example, Lily Aldridge reports on her first encounter with her husband and Kings-of-Leon-frontman Caleb Followill. And Candice Swanepoel proudly talks about her love, which has now been held for over eleven years.

Lips to kiss

Ask a man where he looks first at a woman and you have a high chance that he will answer the mouth. Because let’s be honest: a beautiful mouth is sexy! So make sure you shine and seduce this gift of nature. But how do you do that?
First, take care of your lips. Like your skin, your lips regularly need a scrub. You can do that by rubbing a rough towel or a soft brush against your lips. Then spray your lips with a lip cream.

Always use a lip cream or balm. Cold, sun and wind are funest for your lips. Make sure you always have a caring product in your bag and protect your lips before going out (and not just when you’re on the bike).

Pay attention to the quality of the balsam or cream you are using. A good balsam or cream does not absorb moisture on your lips (balsam and cream based on wax have a hand of it). Use a product with a caring effect. If you do not know which product is suitable for your lips, ask your beauty specialist or the perfume company.

Never pull on sheets. This only makes you worse.

Never expose your lips to the sun unprotected. Your lips can also burn. There are then ugly blisters that can leave scars.

As you grow older, lip contours become less sharp. Little wrinkles arise and the pigment appears to be running out. There are specific products that counteract the aging of the skin around your lips. Start there early. You can also use a moisturizing day and night cream. Massage the cream into the skin around your lips.

Use a moisturizer and care lipstick with UV filter. Firstly, draw a line around your lips with a lipstick in substantially the same color as your lips themselves. Carefully apply the lipstick with a brush. A nice result will only be achieved if you take the time.

Choose the color lipstick that suits you. Always remember that dark colors make your lips look smaller. Do you have narrow lips keep the color than light?

Five ideas on the option of your wedding dresses

If you want to be the most beautiful bride in the wedding, you should be very careful when buying a vintage wedding dress. Now the style, the color, the brands of wedding dresses are varied. How to find the one that is more suitable? Here are the five reference that could make you more relaxed in buying your wedding dress.
Buying with friends
If you take a lot of girlfriends or family to help you choose the wedding dress, their opinions would make you more anxious. Aesthetics of everyone is not the same thing, but marriage is your own choice, listen to your heart is the most important.

The notion of time
since you want to customize the wedding in the moment, you should have a precise schedule. If you go to the bridal salon, but you do not know when the wedding will be ready for the wedding is already very close, then your designer can not help you design the wedding. Depending on the degree of difficulty of the marriage procedure, the wedding preparation will take 4 to 8 months time, so you have to give yourself a schedule.

Fashionable element
Many brides consider marriage to be dignified, elegant, classic. In fact, we disagree, your creativity on the basis of these elements is also the current or popular factors, it is a real part of your own wedding.

Affordable budget

In the personalization process, you have to add money to change a place. If you do not want to exceed the budget too much, then you must try to make the wedding adjustments according to your need. This would be a trap along with the purchase; the cost of altering the wedding is likely to make a sudden increase of a few hundred or even a thousand dollars.

The pictures of the wedding dress
The wedding dress in a photo is not a hundred percent its real look, it is recommended that there is nothing of natural value. If you need someone to recommend, the best is to see your fitting in the outfit. just like this photo is from and their product are same as picture show but you need also try it by yourself in advance.

Louis Vuitton: Jaden Smith in Skirt, and Lightening as Virtual Testimonial

Louis Vuitton‘s advertising campaigns are turning up dust every season. For four years, the fashion house has not taken one but several artists in the arm to interpret Nicolas Ghesquières collection in a kind of “artistic cartoon”. Series 4 of the LV campaigns is the work of Juergen Teller, Bruce Weber and Square Enix. It has become a very special series.
louis-vuitton-lockme-ii-compact-geldbörse-taurillon-leder-kleinlederwaren--M64837_PM2_Front view
First of all, because one of the models in this advertising campaign is not a top model of flesh and blood, Final Fantasy is a video game that would inspire more than 100 million players around the world

With the introduction of Lightning in Louis Vuitton’s fashion world, the concept of ‘virtual photo model’ becomes reality. Who knows if in the future more “virtual creatures” will take the place of classic photo models?

It is highly unusual to cast a young man as a model for a women’s line campaign, but Ghesquière explains, Jaden represents a very free generation in which questions about gender do not play a part. ” It’s just for Jaden to wear a skirt just like those who long ago allowed themselves to wear a herentress or tuxedo. Jaden Smith has a very interesting message about the integration of a global wardrobe. He has a natural, instinctive balance that makes his extraordinary behavior a new norm. That inspired me greatly in the creative process of this collection, “said Ghesquière.

Hair care after the summer. You put your hair out! Look at these Tips

Hair care after the summer. some tips for a hair boost. Do you come equipped and relaxed back from vacation, but does your hair scare it out of misery? Do not grab the phone directly to make an appointment with your hairdresser to put the scissors rigorously. First take a rest (and think) break. Cutting can always be done.
Sun, sea, salt, wind, chlorine … The styling rod, hair dryer and miracle gel that you used to use in the evening – after a long day at the sea – style your hair according to the latest hair trends do not make it any better on. Your hair has a lot to endure in summer and protests too much against all hardships with a thirst, dull and dry appearance.

Wash your hair with an (ultra) nourishing shampoo and conditioner
The best products are always found at the hairdresser. You can not make an appointment for a cut but you are in the vicinity for a focused advice and care products (shampoo and conditioner) that fit your hair. It may then cost more than the products you find on the supermarket shelves (which provide a seemingly quick result), but you are more focused on the quality of your hair.

Massage your scalp
Not just your hair but also your scalp has suffered from sun and sea. Massage your scalp thoroughly during washing your hair to stimulate blood circulation and remove dead skin cells as well as possible. There are even scrubs for your scalp that can make miracles especially after a summer holiday. Also, use hair products that are not only good for your hair, but they are also soft for your scalp.

Style your hair with cold air
If the work is inevitable again, style your hair than with cold air (hair dryer) and set your stead at the lowest temperature. It may take a bit longer and your hair may end up being a little less perfect, but it’s good at it.